They can make or break an outfit - Make sure you invest in your feet

Build your look from the ground up, with our great selection of shoes. You will find the shoes that every man should own in our edited selection. From the classic OXFORD to the casual WORK boot.

We focus on high quality leather, and manufacture all our shoes in the city of Porto, where they have a long heritage of making luxury leather goods. Quality leather can be polished, refurbished and brought back to life several times over – As well as making the investment pay off in how you look and feel – It can last for a lifetime.



1. Berlin Shoe - Sleek and minimal, the CHELSEA boot is a slip-on style with a sharp toebox and a slim leather sole. They can work with anything from suits, to chinos, to jeans – The slightly distressed leather adds a coolness to the classic boot.

2. Praha Shoe - The WORK boot, as with workwear, will always have a place in menswear. With criss-cross lacing and high quality brown leather, it will only get better with age and use.

3. Paris Shoe - A zippered boot with rough folding details for a real rock’n’roll swagger. The ROCK boot is perfectly combined with a pair of skinny jeans.

4. Dublin Shoe - The DESERT shoe is a multifunctional shoe, lightweight and streamlined, which has the ability to be worn in all kinds of situation.  

Morten Qvale-Riccovero Stills høst 2017_1873.jpg
Morten Qvale-Riccovero Stills høst 2017_1883.jpg


1. Firenze Shoe - Our elegant take on the classic BROUGE with a sleek perforated decorative pattern and ombré effect. Brouges were original considered a casual country shoe, but has been adapted to dressier leather and shapes - works for any occasion.

2. Geneve Shoe -  A neat pair of OXFORDS in high quality brown leather, the perfect pair for your day-to-day business attire.

3. Sorrento Shoe - No shoe wardrobe is complete without a pair of black leather OXFORDS. The classic black ones are perfectly worn with suits and tuxedos – just keep them freshly shined. 

4. Stockholm Shoe - The DERBIE, characterized by their eyelets sewn to the exterior of the wamp, are generally considered a casual shoe. These are not meant for dress attire, save them for jeans, seasonal trousers and “business casual” dress.